Monday, September 20, 2010

Round up those elephants!

Throughout history elephants have been known to symbolize strength, power, perseverance, and wisdom.
My love for elephants steams all the way back to my childhood. These wonderful creatures played small cameos in two of my favorite childhood movies, A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. I used to imagine I was Sara, riding elephants in India, or young Mary protecting her small carved elephant treasure from the evil housekeeper, Mrs. Medlock. Since those days of princesses and secret gardens, my adoration for elephants have grown. Nowadays you can spot these "little" guys in many home decor trends. Here are some interesting ways these gentle giants have wiggled their way into our homes and hearts.

1. Curtain Tie Back
2. Piggy Bank
3. Dish Towel
4. Candle
5. Porcelain Statues
6. Elephant Bust
7. Laundry Hamper
8. Vase
9. Wine Stopper
10. Teacups
11. Watering Can
12. Coat Hanger
13. Eames Plywood Elephants
14. Teapot
15. Pillow
16. Salt and Pepper Shakers
17. Topiary



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